Nos queda mucho que bailar y cantar;
Vamos a lo largo del mar;
A lo alto de los montes,
Vamos donde este floreciendo
La nueva primavera
Y en un golpe de viento y canto
Repartamos las flores,
El aroma de los frutos,
El aire de la mañana.
Pablo Neruda

que buscas en el trabajo? yo… challenge y autonomy

What are you seeking at work?

Some people want safety and respect. They want to know what the work rules are, they want a guarantee that the effort required is both predictable and rewarded. They seek an environment where they won’t feel pushed around, surprised or taken advantage of.

Other people want challenge and autonomy. They want the opportunity to grow and to delight or inspire the people around them. They seek both organizational and personal challenges, and they like to solve interesting problems.

Without a doubt, there’s an overlap here, but if you find that your approach to the people around you isn’t resonating, it might because you’re giving your people precisely what they don’t want.